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One Minute Wonders has been in production for nearly a decade. Founder Mick Foley is an award winning independent film maker who did his initial training at the BBC. Starting out as a runner, he worked his way up to Shooting Producer/ Director before leaving to join the freelance world. He has worked on programmes for BBC 1, BBC 2, Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5 and has an excellent reputation for solid research as well as possessing excellent visual, narrative and scripting skills. Mick has brought all of these skills to the world of One Minute Wonders and can help you take your initial idea through the production process – filming, editing, graphics, music and audio into the final finished film that will help you get more business.

One of the series Mick worked on, Tales of the Unaccepted for ITV Central, won a Royal Television Society Award and his short film The Portwine Stain has won numerous festival awards. Both can be seen on the website.

One Minute Wonders works with three graphic designers and each has their own specialist skill – animation, motion graphics or after effects. These skills are tailored to fit your particular requirements.

The fifth member of the team is Kris. She is our liaison assistant, regularly keeping in touch, behind the scenes, with both our existing and potential One Minute Wonder clients.

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