BlogAre you looking for an effective way to market your racing stables?

Are you looking for an effective way to market your racing stables?

Are you looking for an effective way to market your racing stables?

At racing stables and within the horse racing industry expectations are high and stables must work hard to ensure that they are meeting these high expectations, through providing the best possible facilities and experiences to both the race horses and their owners.

With there being hundreds of racing stables located across the UK, it is a competitive marketplace, which is why effective and innovative marketing methods are vital to help a racing stable stand out amongst the rest.

Video is a tool that a racing stable can utilise, to not only improve their marketing and stand out from other stables, but to also showcase the hard work they have put in to ensure that their stable meets the high expectations placed upon all businesses within the horse racing industry.


Showcase your facilities

Video is an excellent tool that racing stables can use to showcase the facilities on offer. These facilities will include a spacious stabling complex, exercise ring and walkers as well as grooming in the yard.

Using video you can easily showcase your facilities, whilst giving the owners a virtual tour of your stables and the surroundings. Video will provide the owners with something that pictures and text alone cannot, as it will help to capture the feel of your stables.


Showcase what makes you unique

The best way that your racing stables can ensure you stand out from the rest is through using video to showcase what makes you unique.

For example, your stables may be located in a rural area, but you have facilities that are very much 21st century. A video can capture the beautiful rural scenery of your stables and then cut to your modern facilities, showing the contrast between the two and showcasing your unique selling point.


Demonstrate the history of your stables

One unique selling point of your racing stables may be the history behind the stables; when it was created and who by, previous winners you have had at the stables and how long your stable has been in business for.

Video can be used to visually tell the story of your stables and educate owners on the history of your stables, providing them with interesting facts and information in the form of an entertaining and informative video.


Showcase your success

If your racing stables have been the home to winning horses, a ‘Hall of Fame’ video is an excellent way that you can showcase your success and demonstrate to potential clients just why they should chose to house their horses at your stables.


Customer testimonials

Finally, another way that your racing stables could utilise video is through capturing customer testimonials. The most effective way to convince potential clients that your stables will meet their needs and requirements is through demonstrating how you have met the expectations of previous or current clients.

A customer testimonial video will help to add credibility to your stables, as well as provide potential clients with both visual and audio reassurance of your stable’s services and staff, from owners who have already used your stables.

Incorporate video within how you are marketing your racing stables, to grab the attention of potential clients and educate them about your stables, whilst entertaining them and adding credibility to your business and the services you offer.

We can produce a video for your racing stables, similar to the video we have produced for Lincomb Equestrian, a cross country schooling ground situated in the Severn Valley, Worcestershire.

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