Blog Homepage video – Why yours may be failing at converting visitors

 Homepage video – Why yours may be failing at converting visitors

Homepage video – Why yours may be failing at converting visitors

Businesses have become educated on the benefits of adding a video to the homepage of their website, from helping to engage their website visitors and delivering messages quickly, to giving their company a personality but is your homepage video doing it’s job?

Despite all these benefits, some businesses are failing to convert customers with their video once it has been added to their homepage and here’s why.

Positioning of your video

You need to ensure that you are placing your video right in front of your website visitors, if you wish to see conversions. By this, we mean having your video as the first or second item your visitors will see on your homepage.

Your video has no play button

If your video has been positioned at the top of your homepage, it is time to consider the functionality of your video. Does your video have a play button that is easy for the visitor to see? The play button on your video, is one of the strongest call’s-to-action you could possibly create, without even having to create any written content to draw in visitors. If your video does not have a play button, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grab the attention of your site visitors and almost halve the number of clicks your video will receive.

Your video is sending your visitors to sleep

Although the quality of your video and the splash screen is excellent, if the content of your video is boring or long-winded then this could be the reason why your video is not converting customers. After the first 10-20 seconds of a video, the drop off rate rapidly increases, meaning that more and more viewers are clicking off your video. This is why it is vital that you convey your messages quickly and concisely, within a short space of time and a perfect solution to this is a One Minute Wonder film.

Your video leaves your viewers with nothing

It is vital that you leave your viewers with a call-to-action or trigger for them to move onto the next steps, as this is what will convert them into customers. This could be through the use of text being placed in the last section of your video or interactive call-to-action buttons. You should ensure you leave your customers with something to do. If you do not, your video may end up with a high number of views, but it is the engagement and conversion rates you want to see an increase in.

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