"Everybody interviewed thought that One Minute Wonder and in particular Micks approach to creating our promotional material was very comprehensive and professional"

Watch their One Minute Wonder video here

Name of company: Lean Education And Development Ltd

The commission was to: Go around the country and capture our national client’s thoughts on our business, and to capture national Apprentices thoughts on their individual learning journey.

The organisation:

Lean Education And Development are a specialist niche independent training provider of lean and continuous improvement tools and techniques.

The aim:

To help businesses empower and develop their employees to increase efficiency and remove unnecessary waste. 

The delivery:

Lean Education And Development use Apprenticeship frameworks and standards to deliver all their levels of programme. This means that either businesses can use the Apprentice Levy to fund the courses or the government will help subsidise the costs if the business is not a Levy paying business.

The difference made:

Each One Minute Wonder video produced explained who we are and what we do. So, the material was used up front in our commercial process and in also our programme induction sessions.

There is no better way of explaining who you are, and what you do, and also what you can expect to happen over the next 12 months than using actual client’s and Apprentices explaining themselves in their own words what they can expect.

The videos made a tremendous difference. We noticed new business came on line quicker and learners going through on boarding sessions were put at ease by One Minute Wonders work.

Phil Walters, Operation Director said… “Mick and One Minute Wonder really made a significant difference to our business. The process was very easy and straight forward and the outcomes were first class.

Getting your marketing and promotional material “on point” is difficult but using the One Minute Wonder methodology and Micks experience has without questions helped us grow our business”


Watch their One Minute Wonder video here