About One Minute Wonders Video Production and Drone Services


One Minute Wonders Video Production and Drone Services is a video production company helping businesses in Worcestershire, the West Midlands, London and the rest of the UK to generate more leads and sell more of their products and services. In production for nearly 10 years, the corporate video company was started by award winning independent film maker Mick Foley after leaving broadcast television. Mick did his initial training at the BBC, starting out as a runner, learning his craft as he worked his way up to Shooting Producer/ Director to work on programmes like ANIMAL HOSPITAL and HORIZON for the BBC and more recently THE DOG RESCUERS and ON BENEFITS for Channel 5. One of the series Mick worked on, TALES OF THE UNACCEPTED  for ITV Central, won a Royal Television Society Award and his short film THE PORTWINE STAIN  has won numerous festival awards. Both can be seen on the One Minute Wonders website.

His reputation for solid research, excellent visual, narrative and scripting skills have served him and his clients well in the freelance world. Mick has brought all of these skills to the world of corporate video and can help you take your initial idea through the production process – planning, research, filming, editing, graphics, music and audio into the final finished video that will help you get more business and generate more sales of your products and services.

Mick is also a qualified drone pilot and has the license and approval from the CAA to fly his drones commercially. It’s extremely important to have the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) as you need it operate a drone commercially in UK Airspace. Flying without it can lead to big fines.     

The ‘big’ drone is used to film outdoors and the ‘baby’ drone can be used to film surveys of roofs or areas with difficult access as well as the insides of factories or an event in a big arena or exhibition centre. Hiring a drone for an hour is much cheaper than hiring a cherry picker or erecting scaffolding for a roof inspection. For that initial inspection of a leaking roof, a church spire or a listed barn why not send the drone up first to get 4K video and top-quality photographs. You can then hand the video and pictures over to the builders to get proper quotes for any work that may need carrying out. 

So, do you manage a hotel, golf course, school, equestrian or garden centre? Do you own a vineyard, orchard, hop field or timber yard? By showing creativity your potential customer can see a different view of what you buy or sell and make you stand out from your competitors. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video a million how many words or pixels does an aerial video paint?

One Minute Wonders work with three graphic designers and each has their own specialist skill – animation, motion graphics or after effects. These skills are tailored to fit your particular video requirements. One of our designers specialises in animating logos, one in graphic design and the third designer speaks four different languages but he is most fluent in after effects – for the uninitiated this is video effects software. We’ll match our designer to suit your specific needs.  

As well as producing promotional, corporate, product, training, manufacturing and business videos we also produce event videos. Our most recent production features British and Irish Lions and England rugby player Matt Dawson. So, if you need a video to promote an upcoming event or to show what happens at, for example, your networking event, we can help.    

Contact us for an initial discussion about your video today, please see the contact details at the top of this page.