We have been trying to get a big client down to Winstanley for over a year we sent the One Minute Wonder that Mick had made for us and within a day they had visited us here and as a result signed up for a contract worth over £1 million. It has simply been the best advertising tool we have found outstripping our website advertising.Rod Smith
MD, Winstanley

Hands On At Work engaged Mick Foley of One Minute Wonders to create a video which showcased our work in a creative and visual way as we believe the best way to describe what we do is by demonstrating it. Mick filmed us for two days in various locations. After much editing on Mick's part and meetings over several cups of tea and cheese and pickle sandwiches he had miraculously condensed several hours of film into 60 seconds interspersed with captions. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our business contacts and we believe he has captured our business perfectly. Highly recommended if you are looking for a corporate video with a difference.Kathy Scott
Hands On At Work

Mick is a terrific person to work with and a great creative when it comes to making movies. We have worked with Mick on many video based projects including our very own video showcase, films focusing on student life in a university environment and other commercial projects. Mick is great fun, creative and extremely professional; I cannot recommend his work enough. check out the link to see some of his modus work. http://www.moduscreative.co.uk/omw/4225-Modus-OMW.htmlGuy Marson
Creative Director, Modus Creative

Mick's dedication and expert knowledge clearly showed in the film he has produced for Pet Bereavement. Attending two of my talks and various other locations over several days, he condensed many long hours work into a fantastic 60 second film that shows the passionate and caring side of Counselling with pets. I could not recommend Mick enough to anyone who needs a wonderfully produced film which will undoubtedly enhance your businessDiana Street
Peaceful Harmony