“Fantastic opportunity to showcase what we do in a short space of time, getting the message out there personally”

Name of company: MBH (Megan Baker House)

The commission:

To provide a video which encapsulated the work we do at the centre, why we need support from the public and why our work is essential.  This included interviews with parents as well as some of the children and an overview by the chief executive

The organisation:

Charity for children with motor disorders

The aim:

To tell people we are here and what we do as well as encouraging businesses and the public to support us and help to raise the £350,000 needed to continue this. 

The difference made:

Reaching a wider audience through the social media

Lee Gough Chief Executive said…

“A fantastic result, I would recommend Mick and One Minute Wonders to anyone looking to promote their work”


Watch their One Minute Wonder video here