Blog5 Tips All SMEs Should Consider When Using Videos

5 Tips All SMEs Should Consider When Using Videos

5 Tips All SMEs Should Consider When Using Videos

In this digital era, we are increasingly spending more time online, with one-third of our online activity being spent watching videos.

Video is highly effective at attracting attention and when used in conjunction with social media, enables businesses of all sizes to reach and engage with a much wider audience.

So, if you are a small business who is considering using video, here are 5 simple tips to think about.

Define your USP

USP is what makes your business stand out from your competitors. You should begin by identifying what your business’s USP is and from this starting point, you then begin to consider ways that you can demonstrate your USP using video.

In an era where consumers love all things unique and quirky, demonstrating what makes you unique will help you to engage your potential customers.


Tailor your videos to each platform –

Each social media platform is continually adding features to improve how you can use video. You need to be tailoring your videos to suit each platform. Check out our previous blog, How to use Social Media Platforms in your Video Marketing Strategy, to discover how you should be using video on each platform.


Test and measure

You need to ensure that you are measuring the results and interaction that your videos receive. This will help to indicate whether or not your videos are being successful. If your results aren’t what you want, you can then consider why this is the case and you can then make alterations and improvements.

Don’t be afraid or worried if your videos don’t achieve the results you want at first. It can be trial and error before you discover what type of video really works for your business and with your customers.


Optimise for search

Video can also be optimised for search, helping you to achieve better search rankings and interaction.

The headline and descriptions will be indexed by search engines, so make sure you consider what words you are using in them. Add keywords or key phrases to help people to find your content on all platforms.


Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and news 

Finally, you can also use video marketing to stay ahead of your competitors by ensuring your videos keep up with the latest trends and news. Look out for the trending topics and hashtags on social media and try creating a video on this topic, if it can be related to your business – trending topics can result in a big number of views and engagement as it is relevant content.

One trend at the moment is voice recognition technology, such as the Voice remote that now comes with the Amazon Firestick. To keep up with this trend, your business can optimize your video marketing for voice search.

Video marketing is a great tool that small businesses can utilise to quickly and inexpensively expand their reach and customer engagement. If you are interesting in having a professional video created for your business, get in touch today.

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