BlogAttract attention at your next event using corporate video

Attract attention at your next event using corporate video

Attract attention at your next event using corporate video

When exhibiting at any business event, one of your main aims will be to speak to as many delegates as possible on the day – helping grow the brand awareness of your business and meet those potential clients! 

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to exhibit, you need to plan how you will STAND out amongst the other businesses and how you will talk to as many visitors as possible.

Achieving this goal can prove to be quite difficult when you’re exhibiting at an event that has a large number of businesses exhibiting and hundreds of visitors walking through the doors.

However as with any event, there will always be some delegates that will slip through the net and that you don’t get chance to speak with…

What about if you had a corporate video on you stand to capture the attention of delegates?

While you are talking to clients the video will attract more passers by to your stand, showcase what you do and break the ice - when they do talk to you they will already know about your company from the video so it should make it easier for you to engage with them. 

Whether you are a business who exhibits regularly or one that is planning for the very first time, by using video on your stand, you can take full advantage of the opportunities presented at the show.

Through incorporating video within your display/stand, not only will you be able to talk to a greater percentage of visitors, but also help your products come to life and draw in potential buyers!

Our clients, MCL and Forest Garden – have used their One Minute Wonders when exhibiting with great results…

…Why not give it a go?  Contact Mick for more information and costings 07973 463932 or email

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