Blog Does your business have a video marketing strategy in place?

 Does your business have a video marketing strategy in place?

Does your business have a video marketing strategy in place?

With video marketing being so popular within businesses, it is becoming more and more common for businesses to completely overlook putting a video marketing strategy in place beforehand. However, it’s vital that a plan is put in place, in order to achieve maximum results and good value for money.

So, where do you start with a video marketing strategy?

The first and most important step of a video marketing strategy is research. Your business will need to begin by putting plenty of time into researching your target audience – and by plenty of time, we don’t just mean a few hours. This step forms the basis for your entire video marketing strategy and will be referred back to very regularly. Within this research, you will need to focus on who your target audience is, what platforms they are watching videos on and what types of video they are watching.

Once you know where you will be posting your videos and who you will be targeting your videos at, you can then begin forming a video publishing schedule. You will want to refer to your initial research when forming this schedule, as this will help you to decide on the best times to publish and share your videos with your target audience. This publishing schedule will then be a reference for the number of videos you will want to be producing.

Now you have a publishing schedule in place, the next step will require you to refer back to your initial research once again, to decide on the type of videos you want to produce. You need to think about what types of videos your target audience are watching, but whilst doing so you also need to consider practicality –  for example, is it possible to film ‘How-to’ videos for your business? Once you have decided on the type of videos you want filmed, you can go about  outsourcing a film maker.

Finally, as with any strategy, your business will now need to measure your results.

You need to ensure that whilst doing this you do not solely focus on the number of views your video has received – it is not the be all and end all. You should be focusing on the finer details, such as who your viewers are, where most viewers watch up until in your video and how or where your video is being shared. Through focusing on these details, you will be able to see whether your have reached your intended audience, where you need to improve – for example, whether you need to make your videos shorter – and finally, where you should be sharing your videos for maximum effect.

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