BlogExternal Training Video: An Innovative Business Investment

External Training Video: An Innovative Business Investment

External Training Video: An Innovative Business Investment

Last week, we posted a blog discussing the different ways that your business can use video internally, for employee training. This week, we are sharing our thoughts and ideas on how your business could also use an  external training video, to inform and educate your consumers and help them get the most out of the product or service they have purchased from you.

How-to Training Videos

A business at some point may have to train and educate their customers and an example of this would be the launch of a new and innovative product or service.

In the case of a new launch, a business may want to provide the consumer with a form of training video that educates them on how to use their product or educate them on how the product or service works; these videos are commonly known as how-to videos.

How-to videos can also act as an introduction to the product or service; this type of video can be used to help a customer begin to use the product or service, ensuring they are using all of the functions or elements correctly to begin with and then demonstrating all of the benefits they can experience as they continue to use the product/service.

Setup Videos

Rather than teach the customer how to use a product, this sort of video shows them how to set up that product.

We all know how irritating and confusing product instruction manuals can be; the text and images that are usually included within the manual do not make it easy to depict which part goes where and what fits with what. This is when a setup video can be useful.

It visually demonstrate how to setup the product in a way that pictures and text can’t do alone; it allows the customer to watch someone else carry out the setup and follow along with them, pausing the video where needs be, to catch up.

Both how-to videos and setup videos can be easily posted online, on various social media platforms, or on the business’s website making them publically accessible to all existing and potential customers.

A business could also share these videos privately via email, exclusively sending it to customers who have either signed up to receive emails or to customers who have purchased the product or service. This will ensure that only relevant customers receive the video with the information that they have either requested or that they require after purchasing.

We recently worked with Macro Plastics, to create a training video specifically for their existing and potential customers.

The video we created for Macro Plastics is a combination of a setup and how-to video, which visually demonstrates how their newly launched 1210 EuroBin fits together and educates the viewer on how the product can easily be handled and repaired.


The use of external training videos is something that many businesses tend to overlook and it is this that makes these types of training videos a valuable and innovative investment. External training videos will help your business stand out as one that values its customers and one that does the upmost to ensure their customers are getting the most out of the product or service you are selling.

Customers are what make a business and when customers feel valued and that they are receiving the best value for their money, they are more likely to remain a customer for longer, make future purchases with your business and refer your business to other potential customers.

Will you be making an investment in external training videos in the near future?

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