BlogHave you considered adding a video background to your website?

Have you considered adding a video background to your website?

Have you considered adding a video background to your website?

A video background is one of the most popular website design trends at the moment. They help give a website a modern look and capture the attention of the visitors immediately.

Whether you are a professional business, an ecommerce business, or a business that offers experiences (events, tours, hospitality), you could benefit from adding a video to your website.

If you are a business offering professional services, a video could help you to paint a picture of what the potential clients can expect to experience from your business.

For an ecommerce website, video can be used to showcase the products you offer and show clips of customers using or wearing your products.

Finally, for restaurants, hotels and shops, video background can be used on a website to showcase the location and give their customers a guided tour of their premises. This is an effective way to create a desire for the viewer to want to visit you and experience what you have shown them.

Before adding a video background to your website, it is important to consider a few things:

It is important that the video you choose is relevant to the overall purpose of your website or your business. Don’t just pick something because it looks ‘nice’ – the right video can prove to be a great marketing and branding tool.

It is important that you don’t let the video compete with your content. Your video shouldn’t impact on the readability of the written content on your website.

Finally, website loading speed can be a big concern when using a video background and a poor website loading speed can cause your visitors to leave your site prematurely. To avoid this when using a video background, try to keep the video short and the video file small.

You can also use an existing video, like a One Minute Wonder video, for your background or slider. Just to talk to your web designer about how it can be incorporated.

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