BlogHow Entrepreneurs can use video to grow their new business

How Entrepreneurs can use video to grow their new business

How Entrepreneurs can use video to grow their new business

Entrepreneurs have a business plans in place, the product ready to be sold and now you are looking to market your business to the right audience.

It is vital that you create brand awareness and gain the trust of potential customers, due to you being a new business and no one having heard of you before. A great tool that you can use to achieve this is video.

Through creating a video that conveys information and your business’ message in a quirky way, you have the potential to go viral, increasing the awareness of your business and reaching a wider audience.

Video also provides you with the potential to create brand recognition – which business do you think of when you see the following characters?

This is a great example of how Compare The Market have used video marketing to create brand recognition. Your business could also achieve this by using video to create something for people to associate your new business with. If brand recognition is done correctly, your product should be recognized even without using its name. The goal is to get potential customers to recognize the product instantly without requiring much effort.

The other element you should aim to achieve is gaining the trust of potential consumers. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and imagine seeing a new business appear that yourself, your friends and your family have never heard of before.

Would you purchase from that business immediately, or would you like to do your research before putting your trust in them and taking the plunge of making a purchase? By having video testimonials and videos that put a name and face to your business created, you can provide the consumer with the information and evidence they need to take that plunge.

People trust people, which is why video testimonials are so effective. Putting your product alongside the smiling face of a well satisfied customer, who is talking about the positive experience they’ve had with your business will prove to be a sure winner.

Using video to introduce yourself is also a great way to gain the consumers’ trust. People also like relating with people and by putting a face and name to your business, you are humanising your marketing and showing the consumer that you are more than just a business wanting their money.

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, what better tool to use than video?

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