BlogHow can Law firms use video?

How can Law firms use video?

How can Law firms use video?

With consumers now having access to hundreds of law firms at the touch of a screen, they are no longer forced to choose a firm based on location. The web enables the consumer to compare prices, customer testimonials and more, to make a decision on which law firm is the best for them.

Although this evolution in the legal world is great news for the consumer, it does present a challenge for law firms.

You may find yourself asking the question of ‘How am I going to stand out amongst my competitors?’ and one of the best ways to do this is with video marketing.

Why video marketing?

With one third of all online activity being spent watching video (according to Insivia), it is no wonder why a large percentage of businesses across all sectors have now added video to their marketing strategy.

Video is great at grabbing the attention of your audience and delivering your key messages in a quick, concise and engaging way that is easy for the viewer to understand.


Why video marketing for the legal sector?

The benefits that video marketing offers makes it a perfect tool for law firms and solicitors to utilise.

You will know that when faced with an issue, your customers don’t want to add to their stress by spending hours scouring through websites. They will want to find a solution to their issue as soon as possible, which is where video can play a role.

Video can present information in a way that instantly informs the viewer in a matter of minutes, saving them time. You can also break down the complexities of the services you offer, to make it easy for the viewer to distinguish whether or not you do offer a solution to their issue.

Finally, depending on the type of video you choose, you can also use video to make legal matters more engaging. Due to the complex nature of the services that you offer, it can sometimes be difficult to engage your audience. Video is a solution to this, as people tend to engage with video more deeply than simple text articles.


What type of videos are available for law firms?

There are a variety of videos that law firms can choose from:

Informative videos:

With this type of video, try putting yourself on the screen and be interviewed in a question and answer style interview. This will not only provide your audience with the information they need, but it will also put a face to your firm, making it more personal and relatable. Hearing from a professional will instil both trust and confidence in your firm.


Explainer videos:

Using this type of video, you can break down the complex legal matters, making it easy for the consumer to digest and understand. You can use creative animations, captions and more to create a video that explains your services, whilst being engaging for the viewer.


Customer Testimonials:

This type of video proves effective for almost every business as they speak volumes to potential customers – they add credibility to a business. Hearing from those who have worked with your business and used your services will help to reassure the viewer and help them feel comfortable enough to work with you themselves.

Firms are only now beginning to realise the potential of video marketing and the benefits it has to offer. If you are a law firm looking to stand out above your competitors and better reach the consumer, video is the perfect marketing tool for you.


Here is a marketing video we created for Lowe’s Solicitors, a family solicitors based in Worcester.

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