BlogHow you can utilise video for your equestrian events?

How you can utilise video for your equestrian events?

How you can utilise video for your equestrian events?

Last year we had the pleasure of working with Lincomb Equestrian, a Worcestershire based equestrian cross country schooling ground, to produce a video that showcased the wide range of facilities they have to offer and the welcoming nature of the staff at their centre.

Since working with Lincomb Equestrian, we began brainstorming other ways that video can be used within the equestrian world, and equestrian events is one area of the equestrian world that we feel can hugely benefit from the use of video.

Using video before an equestrian event:

Whether you are organising an equestrian event at a facility, or you are the facility that is holding an equestrian event, you can benefit from using video within the marketing of your equestrian events.

We can create a video for your business that acts as a ‘Teaser Trailer’ for your event; within this video, we can include a series of short clips showing the preparation and a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your event, or we can include footage from any previous events you have organised or held, to create a ‘Teaser Trailer’.

This type of video can then be used within the marketing for your event, whether that be sharing the video through social media, adding the video to your website or adding the video to your email marketing, to give people a flavour of your event and to create a ‘buzz’ around your event, helping to increase your ticket sales.

Using video during an equestrian event:

Not only can your business use video within the marketing of your event, but you could also use video during your equestrian event.

There are a wide range of ways that your business could use video during your event, to enhance your event and guest experience; for example, your business could screen a video to introduce any key speakers that you may have, or to entertain your guests during any lengthy intervals.

Through screening videos during your event, your business also opens up the opportunity for other businesses to sponsor your event. In other words, you can offer equestrian businesses the chance to feature in your event videos for a fee, which will then allow them to market to the guests who will be attending your event.

Using video after an equestrian event:

Finally, video can also be used after your equestrian event for marketing purposes.

If your business decided to have your event filmed, you can use this footage to create a video that celebrates the success of your event, which you can share on social media to both continue the ‘buzz’ you originally created around your event and to give those who couldn’t attend a look into what happened during the day.

Not only this, but the footage of your event can also be used for marketing purposes if you decide to organise or host any similar events in the future. We have mentioned ‘Teaser Trailer’ videos within this blog and this type of footage is perfect to use for these types of videos.

So, if you are a business within the equestrian world that will be organising or hosting an equestrian event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, to discuss and brainstorm ideas on how we can help you get the most of your event through the use of video.

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