BlogInternal Training Videos: a worthwhile Business Investment

Internal Training Videos: a worthwhile Business Investment

Internal Training Videos: a worthwhile Business Investment

We know that no matter which sector your business is based in, you will most likely be required to provide training for your employees, for example, Health and Safety training, training on new processes and products or training on how to use internal systems.


Therefore, your business may require the use of an internal training video and the type of internal video you need will depend on your training requirements and needs.


Here are some suggestions of internal training videos that could help you: –



Instructor – led training

The most common method of employee training that we see is instructor led sessions. This type of training typically involves an instructor delivering training to a group of employees in a classroom format, where all employees are gathered within the same room and presented with the same training and information. Video can be implemented within this type of training, to support the instructor and engage the group.

Video can support the instructor by providing them with visual aids that help to explain the finer details of the topic they are discussing. Some elements of the training may be easier to communicate visually, for example, how to safely lift heavy objects, a topic often taught within Health and Safety training. It would be easier and more effective to use a video to visually demonstrate how to safely lift a heavy object, rather than demonstrating this verbally.

Video can also help to keep the group engaged in the training session which is always a tricky task. You can present large amounts of detailed information in a more condensed form, making it easier and faster for employees to digest this information. Your staff can easily refer back to the training video at any point to clarify things they aren’t certain of or to refresh their minds.

Independent Training

Unlike instructor-led sessions and training courses that all employees must attend, independent learning involves an employee completing their training and learning on their own, with the use of training resources.

A business can create one video that can be sent to all employees that enables the employee to complete their training at their own desk, independently and learn at their own pace – so it’s a good investment for a business – the business has total control over the delivery of training and the video can be used many times, by lots of employees, regardless of where they are located. This is particularly important for national and international businesses, as they can reduce the costs and minimise the stress of arranging training sessions across different sites.

This type of training is called remote working – less commuting means lower transport costs and working from home means flexibility. For example, parents can plan their schedule around picking up their children from school. Large companies can train or update their staff who may not have a permanent base, or who work in different locations.

Ongoing or Refresher Training

Within certain sectors, businesses are required to ensure that all of their employees are up-to-date with the latest industry operations, practices, processes and changes in legislation.

To achieve this, businesses use in house training and video can be used to make this sort of training easily achievable for a business.

For example, when there are updates within an industry that require employees to receive new training, a business can easily produce a video showing training on this subject and quickly distribute this via email to all relevant employees, ensuring that every employee is up-to-date with their training.

Videos can also be used as a refresher training resource that can be sent to employees who need refresher training. The employee can watch the video, refresh their memory of their initial training and ensure they are familiar with the relevant processes and practices once again.

An example of a business that is using an internal training video is Wickes.

Last year, we had the pleasure of working with Wickes to produce a video that would help train and educate their staff and the staff at Forest Garden on how to correctly handle fence panels.


The possibilities of using training videos internally within your business are wide ranging and we can work with your business to create any type of training video, to perfectly meet your requirements and needs, no matter what they may be.

Did you know that there are also a number of ways that you can use training videos externally outside of your business? Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we will be discussing the different type of training videos that your business can utilise as a tool to educate and inform your consumers.

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