BlogMacro Plastics launch EuroBin 1210 with a Product Demonstration Video

Macro Plastics launch EuroBin 1210 with a Product Demonstration Video

Macro Plastics launch EuroBin 1210 with a Product Demonstration Video

Product demonstration video enables businesses within the manufacturing industry to do more than just promote their brand to prospective customers. Using video, the manufacturing sector can tell their story and provide detailed information on their products/services, helping to demonstrate their knowledge, whilst educating their audience.

We recently worked with Macro Plastics, a US based plastic returnable packaging manufacturer who specialise in the automotive supply chain, to create a video that perfectly demonstrates their newly launched EuroBin 1210.

The video focuses on providing a visual demonstration of how to use the product and the different components that make up the product. Demonstrating the EuroBin using a video makes it easier for people to understand the concept and benefits of the product.

The video will be used in a number of different ways – it will be used in sales meetings to show prospective clients, used to support online marketing and at exhibitions and conferences.

Businesses within the manufacturing industry can use video in a number of different ways:

Provide the consumer with a video demonstration –

Product demonstration videos enable businesses to achieve something that photographs and text descriptions alone cannot; they enable them to showcase their product to a prospective customer with a live demonstration, helping to take someone who is unfamiliar with their product and walk them through how the products works, how it fits together and allowing the audience to see for themselves whether or not the product achieves their desired outcome.

A virtual tour of a manufacturing facility –

Take your audience on a virtual tour of your facilities, to perfectly showcase how you make products and the people behind them. This type of video is an excellent way for the business to give your audience a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look, helping to show a different side of the business.

Customer testimonials –

Manufacturing businesses can also use video to provide their audience with customer testimonials. Customer testimonials videos are a great way that a manufacturing business can build the credibility of their business and their products/services. A customer testimonial video provides the audience with the opinion of someone who has actually purchased from your business, providing them with a source that is ‘more credible’ in their eyes.


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