BlogTake inspiration from Frequently Asked Questions

Take inspiration from Frequently Asked Questions

Take inspiration from Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what your business or organisation, we are almost certain that you will have been asked questions by your customers or potential customers, and you have probably found that you receive some of the same questions over and over again.

We have found there are a number of common questions that we get asked by clients and people who are potentially interested in having a video created. The most common question is – ‘What type of video do we need?’.

We know that people can get stuck on what videos to create and we have even found ourselves facing challenges with creativity at times.

Whilst thinking about a way in which to answer one of our own frequently asked questions, we came up with an ingenious solution.

Why not solve your issue of coming up with video ideas by taking your own FAQs and answer them in a short video?
Why FAQ videos are effective

A short video that answers the most common questions will help to provide your customers with valuable information, in a concise and effective way.

What makes it even better is that an FAQ video is versatile; you can film your video when it is convenient for you and your viewers can watch it when it is convenient for them.

It provides you with a helpful resource to use when necessary and it can be found by people whenever they are looking for more information. But an FAQ video isn’t only helpful for your customers.

If you think about the amount of time you are having to invest in answering the question each time a different person asks it, this is a considerable amount of time.

By answering these questions in a video that your customers can then watch when they want this answer, you are saving time, cementing the relationship and adding value through training and educating your customers.


How to get started

We would advise starting this type of video by taking time to consider the people you work with.

For example, the different type of people that you work with could include potential customers, new customers, existing customers, previous customers, vendors, employees, stakeholders etc.

Then think about the most common questions that you get asked by them and list them.

Once you have pinpointed some of the frequently asked questions that you receive, you can look to create a video (or series of videos) answering these questions.

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