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 Tell your story in a One Minute Wonder

Tell your story in a One Minute Wonder

We recently worked with Bewdley based author Robert Ronsson to create a trailer for the launch of his recent novel Out of Such Darkness.

An author’s aim is to take their audience on a journey and hold their hand throughout the book – that is exactly what we wanted to replicate in the trailer for Robert.

“Words are my tools-of trade but I’d be foolish to deny that pictures have an instant and visceral impact. Watch the behaviour of book-buyers – their first connection is with the image on the cover. The buy-or-not-to-buy decision starts with a picture.

That’s why I asked One-Minute Wonders (1MW) to produce my book trailer for Out of Such Darkness. It puts images of the book and it’s themes in front of prospective readers without them having to enter a bookshop. It adds a new, professional dimension to my marketing.
Mick Foley at 1MW was easy to work with and guided me through the process of creating the script. It was a pleasure to work with Mick and I’m thrilled with the result.” – Robert Ronsson, Author, Out of Such Darkness

Using video to promote the launch of a book is not something that is common and brings a totally different dimension to marketing a book. This piece of marketing material is increasing in value for authors and publishers and the many ways in which it can be used is growing – screening at launch events / parties, embedding on a website or in an email as well as providing great content to share across social media platforms

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