Blog The Buyer’s journey plays a key role when creating Videos

 The Buyer’s journey plays a key role when creating Videos

The Buyer’s journey plays a key role when creating Videos

The Buyer’s journey refers to the active research process a buyer will go through, leading up to a purchase. This process involves the following stages; the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage and it is with video, that your business can target buyers within these different stages.

The Awareness Stage: 
This stage of the buyer’s journey refers to when the buyer begins to research, in order to put a name to a problem they are experiencing and more clearly understand this problem.

To target buyers within this particular stage, your business should aim to create videos that answer the questions your buyer has and educate them about their problem. These types of videos will enable your business to increase the engagement you receive and measure the results you receive through action rates and share rates – how many people who watch your videos go on to take action, through clicking on a call to action or sharing it on social platforms. This stage helps your business get recognised.

The Consideration Stage:
This stage of the buyer’s journey refers to when the buyer has given a name to their issue and now begins to research all available solutions to their problem.

At this stage, your business wants to be using video to educate your buyers of the different solutions available for their problem. You will still not be putting your business in the limelight at this stage; you want to be seen as though you are being helpful, to give these buyers the impression that you are friendly and helpful. This stage helps your business make a good impression.

How-to videos and video presentations are great to use within the consideration stage.

The Decision Stage:
This stage refers to the process when buyers have carried out their research and are now compiling a list of all available businesses who provide products and services that solve their problem. They are now looking to whittle this list down and make a final decision of the business they will purchase with.

This final stage is where you need to be talking about your business. To market to buyers at this crucial stage, your business should be creating videos that inform and educate your audience of how your business is unique and how the product/service you provide betters anything else on the market. You can measure the effect your video achieves through the number of leads it generates, the number of people who sign up to your newsletter etc. to stay informed about your business and the number of people who ask for more information from you.

With videos used to target the decision stage, you want to be connecting with your audience emotionally – humanise your videos by using real people, to give your business a personal edge, gaining the audience’s trust and therefore their business.

Customer testimonials and ‘About your Product/Service’ videos are great to use in the decision stage.

Now that you know the process a buyer will go through before purchasing from yourself, your competitor or any business for the matter, you now need to go about creating the videos to target these different stages.

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