Blog The Wedding Video Trends of 2017

 The Wedding Video Trends of 2017

The Wedding Video Trends of 2017

Are you planning a wedding for this year, after recently getting engaged over the Christmas and Valentine’s Day period?

If so, have you considered having your wedding day filmed, to capture all of the special moments on your big day and to have something that you can keep and cherish for the rest of your happy marriage?

Whether you are planning a wedding for this Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, if you have thought about having a video created for your wedding or a video of your wedding day, here are a number of different types of wedding videos that are currently very popular and that we love to produce for couples.


Save The Date Videos 

During 2016, we saw more and more couples moving away from the traditional written wedding invites and ‘Save the Date’ cards and instead opting for ‘Save the Date’ videos.

This type of wedding video is an excellent way to still inform friends and family about when your big day will be taking place, whilst helping to create a buzz and sense of excitement around your wedding day. A short ‘Save the Date’ video will entertain the receiver, making sure they definitely don’t forget about your special day.


Capturing Personal Moments

When you think about having your wedding day filmed, you will most likely begin thinking about all of the key moments, such as the exchange of vows and your first dance. However, when we film a wedding, we look to capture the more personal and non-traditional moments on your special day along with all of the major moments. Footage such as the bride hugging her father before walking down the aisle, or the mother helping to adjust the bride’s veil helps to create a video that is both endearing and that has captured special moments you hadn’t even thought of capturing.


Storytelling Videos 

A storytelling wedding video essentially does what it says on the tin – it will tell your story. Rather than just capturing your big day within a video, this type of video will tell your entire story as a couple, from the moment you met, your first date and milestones within your relationship to your wedding day. A talented videographer can piece together images and footage that you have from your relationship with the footage they have captured of your special day, to create a compelling and emotional video telling your story that you and friends and family will want to watch again and again.


Highlight Videos 

On the other hand, a highlight video will be a short and sweet video of your special day, capturing all of the key moments from your big day. A highlight video is great to send to friends and family after your day through email or social media, to give those who couldn’t attend a look into your big day without having to watch your complete wedding.


Wedding Blooper Reel 

Finally, another trend we have seen is wedding blooper videos. Throughout your wedding day, there will undoubtedly be a number funny or endearing moments that a videographer will capture on film. Whilst these moments are typically discarded when editing the footage, by piecing together all of these moments into a separate video from your wedding video, you and your guests will be able to look back fondly at all of the hilarious moments that took place on your big day and share your laughter with your friends and family. After all, everyone loves laughter.


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