BlogTraining video – Could your business benefit from one?

Training video – Could your business benefit from one?

Training video – Could your business benefit from one?

Have you considered how a training video could help your business in 2017?

No matter the sector that your business is based in, at some point you will be required to undergo training for yourselves and your employees, whether this be Health and Safety or training more specific to the nature of your work.

Providing and facilitating training can become very costly and difficult, especially if you have a large number of employees to train or if your employees are located across a number of locations.

Training videos serve as the perfect solution to expensive training costs, whilst also providing businesses with a wide variety of other benefits.

A training video will reduce your training costs:

Typically when it comes to providing training for employees many businesses will hire out a venue for the day and take employees out of their day-to-day work in order to complete this training.

A training video can be used and accessed by employees whilst at their desks, meaning that there is no extra expense for venues, nor is there any need to take employees out of work for an entire day, saving you and your employees’ valuable time and money.

You may be thinking, ‘what about the cost to have a training video created?’. Although there is an initial cost for a training video to be produced, this investment is just a one off cost and will most likely be recouped after being used just once or twice, depending on the number of employees you have to train.

A training video is a resourceful training resource:

As time goes on, your employees may become out of touch with the training they were initially provided with when they joined the business. This can cause issues within the products and services you are providing to clients. This is why refresher training is vital.

With a training video, those who require the refresher training can easily access and watch the initial training video to refresh their memory, without your business having to fork out more money to provide this training.

Not only this, but as mentioned above not all employees within a business will join at the same time, making it expensive and almost impossible to provide training for each new employee as soon as they join. But, if you have a training video, you can easily send this to your new employees and provide training with minimal effort and minimal expense.

A training video will achieve maximum results:

Although we have spoken about the benefits that training videos bring to businesses, they also benefit the actual employees who are being trained.

Unlike training courses where all employees must attend for one day, a training video allows employees to learn at their own pace. If an employee is unsure of a certain section of their training, they can rewind the video and go over that section again. Or, if the employee likes to take notes when they learn, they can easily pause the video at any time – an option that is not available when their training is provided with hundreds of other employees working at different paces.

Not only this, but video is a much more effective method to learn with than others. Video can present large amounts of information in a more condensed form, making it easier and faster for employees to digest this information and the visual aids that a video presents with this information will also make learning an easier process.

If you would like to have a training video created for use within your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today, to begin reaping the benefits that we have mentioned above.

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