BlogVideo Marketing Trends to Grow your Business in 2017

Video Marketing Trends to Grow your Business in 2017

Video Marketing Trends to Grow your Business in 2017

Have you considered how video marketing can help you in 2017?

With one third of all online activity being spent watching video in 2016 (according to Insivia) , it is no wonder why a large percentage of businesses have now added video to their marketing strategy and although video marketing is not new, the continuous developments in video are creating new opportunities for businesses to better and more effectively reach their target audience.

After reviewing all of the new and innovative video trends that presented themselves in 2016, we have decided to highlight our top 5 video trends that we feel all businesses should at least consider adding to their video marketing strategy this year:

Facebook Live 

Facebook has a number of features that make video an effective method of content, including the Autoplay feature, which makes a video start playing as you scrolling past it on your feed. This feature makes videos a very eye-catching form of content and helps to increase the views that a video will receive. Along with this, the platform’s latest feature is Facebook Live; this feature can be used by businesses to upload live video footage, helping to encourage interactivity from the audience.

Live Video

Twitter is another platform that has added live video to the features it offers; Periscope enables Twitter users to add links to their live video directly into their tweets, so they can take their followers straight from their written content to their live video content.

Live videos are excellent at captivating an audience and encouraging them to continue watching, to see how a certain event unfolds or to see whether their question gets answered.

Video that is multi-device compatible 

Google recently released a report on the 5 online video trends that they picked up on in 2016, with one being focused on multiple devices. Google found that 85% of 18-49 year olds use multiple devices at one given time and that two thirds of YouTube users actually watch YouTube on a second screen, whilst watching TV at home.

These statistics help to reinforce the importance of ensuring that your business’s videos are compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.


With Snapchat having a predicted 217 million users who are active on a daily basis, this platform is one that cannot and should not be ignored by businesses. Millennials make up the majority of these users and they love the live and short videos that Snapchat enables, as due to their being no room for editing, this content can often help show a more relatable side to a business.

360-Degree Videos  

360-Degree Videos are another video trend of 2016 that are still continuing to grow in popularity. A recent report has shown that 360-degree videos are viewed 28.81% more than videos that are not in a 360-degree format.

These 360 degree videos enable the audience to see products as if they were viewing them in person, something which pictures and text cannot achieve.

From this article, you should now have a better idea of the video trends you may want to consider adding to your video marketing strategy, in order to more effectively at engage your target audience and remain current, to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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