BlogVideo and SEO: A relationship that works both ways

Video and SEO: A relationship that works both ways

Video and SEO: A relationship that works both ways

The relationship between video and SEO is one that all businesses should be aware of to maximise video you use in your marketing activities and improve your business’s visibility online.

Video and SEO – how are they connected?

By considering search engine optimisation when posting a video online, you can help to boost visibility and aid how your content appears in search engines.

Aligning your videos with your overall SEO strategy can also improve results. With customers increasingly preferring video over other forms of content, Google and other search engines have picked up on this trend and are now prioritising businesses and websites that have video content.


How can I improve SEO with video?

SEO keywords are the words and phrases that people will search for in search engines. when looking for a product or service. By identifying the keywords that users are searching for online, using tools such as Google AdWords, you can then add these keywords into the title, description and tags for your video.

Not only do keywords play a vital role in search engine optimisation, but backlinks also hugely improve your SEO results. Backlinks are hyperlinks that link from a web page back to your own web page or website. Through using a third party video platform, such as YouTube, you can upload your video to this platform and then link to your website in the video description, creating a backlink and helping to drive traffic to your website.

Finally, one other step you can take to improve your video SEO is surrounding video sitemaps. This step is often overlooked by many businesses but it can have a huge impact on the SEO of your video.

A video sitemap is an XML text file that you will upload to your website when uploading your video, and contains information about your video which will help Google when evaluating it. This information will include the title and description of your video, along with how long the video lasts and other information. For more information on sitemaps, check out this page on the Google website.

By taking advantage of the relationship between search engine optimisation and video marketing, your business can reap the great benefits that they both offer and help to improve your business’s visibility online.

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