BlogVideo in Education: The Benefits of Video Lectures

Video in Education: The Benefits of Video Lectures

Video in Education: The Benefits of Video Lectures

We have previously discussed how businesses can benefit from adding a video to their client presentations. However, video can be just as effective for education.

With innovations in technology taking place all of the time, universities and colleges can find it difficult to keep up with these changes and provide enhanced learning experiences to their pupils. Explore the advantages of video lectures in teaching and training and how video can help you to make your lectures even more effective.


Learn anywhere at any time:

Video lectures allow your students to learn anywhere. The beauty of video lectures is that they can be accessed anywhere by your students, from their mobile, tablet or laptop. Just ensure that you format your videos, so they are supported on all devices, or make them internet based, using YouTube for example.

Having this easy access to your video lectures means that your students can also learn whenever. You can let your students enjoy the process of learning whenever they want. This also means that if you couldn’t make it in for a lecture, your students can still have that lecture, or if a student happened to miss a lecture, they can easily catch up by accessing the lecture online.


Learn at an individual pace:

Each student will have their own pace of learning. With video lectures, students can learn at their own pace. They can pause the video wherever needed, to finish writing their notes and then carry on when they are ready – unlike real life lectures, where notes often have to be shortened to keep up with the fact pace of the lecture. This will hopefully help your students to enjoy their learning more.

As well as being able to learn at their own pace, video lectures can also open up the opportunity of self-study for your students. In your interactive video lecture, you could refer to more useful materials and resources for self-study, allowing the student to learn more on that topic if they wish. You could also record an additional lecture that complements in-class activities, which the student could then access outside of class hours.


Create an engaging learning experience:

A final advantage that video lectures have is that they aren’t just for web-based or distance learning; you can also use video lectures in your in-class teaching.

By using video lectures in your in-class teaching, it can help you to provide a learning experience that is engaging for your students, which will help aid their memory on what you are teaching.

Have you considered using video lectures to provide an enhanced learning experience to your students?

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