BlogVideo: the perfect tool to optimize your Email Marketing

Video: the perfect tool to optimize your Email Marketing

Video: the perfect tool to optimize your Email Marketing

According to a recent Forrester report, including video in your email marketing can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

This statistic helps to highlight just why businesses need to be adding video to their email marketing mix this year, in order to fully optimize their marketing.

Video alone is a highly effective medium and marketing tool for business, as it enables companies to communicate with their target audience quickly and concisely. Pairing this effective medium with email marketing helps businesses to fully optimize their email marketing, reaping more benefits and engaging more of their target audience. This is because video emails will stand out from the hundreds of written email communications that the receiver is probably receiving on a daily basis, grabbing their attention and hooking them to their computer or device screen.

Videos are also excellent time savers within email marketing for both the business and their target audience. It saves time for a business because rather than having to type out a lengthy email to send to the receiver, they can simply add a video to their email and let that do all of the talking; video then saves time for the receiver because a video will provide them with all of the information they need in a short video clip, saving them the time of having to read through several paragraphs of information. The video email will still deliver the messages and information that the business desires, just in a more concise and engaging way for the receiver.

We are always keen to promote the use of video within email marketing, as it was this that formed the original concept of our business; we began our business wanting to create One Minute Wonders for businesses, which could be easily embedded in the footer of emails, to provide the receiver with an engaging, informative and short pieces of content and as the statistic from Forrester proves, videos are highly effective at engaging an audience.

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