Blog Worcestershire Education Network video – Case Study

 Worcestershire Education Network video – Case Study

Worcestershire Education Network video – Case Study

We were tasked with producing a corporate video for the Worcestershire Education Network to help to demonstrate what WEN is about.

As a member of the group, it was clear for us to understand how the group could benefit from using video within the marketing strategy.

The purpose of creating the video was to provide schools and interested parties with a clear understanding of how the group can provide help and support to the local education sector.

WEN is a unique group of businesses which was set up to provide resources to Worcestershire schools in light of changes to education funding and the way they operate. A group of this nature is something that hasn’t been on offer before therefore ensuring our audience fully understands who we are and how we can help is essential.

Due to the size and variety of the group we required a simple, interactive way of people being able to get to know each member and what they can offer to schools – a video was the ideal solution to support our website and brochure.

Following the same format as the website and WEN directory, splitting into business sectors, was key to developing the group’s brand, making it easier for audience to understand each section and how it applies to a school.

Each business was given a section to deliver their message which comprised of still images, video footage on location and testimonials. This allows our target audience to not only see what products and services they offer but also what goes on behind the scenes allowing them to gain a clearer understanding of each member.

Video testimonials add credibility which is crucial for a group like ourselves when working with education and offering something fairly new to the education sector.

Russell Dalton delivering his first-hand account shows how we have a vested interest in local schools providing value through a variety of services which support the local economy as we are local businesses.

The video is an agile piece of marketing material which can be used for a variety of purposes. Firstly, adding the video to our website provides visitors with a clear message about the group. Adding video to a website also helps with search engine optimisation making easier for people to find our website when looking for services which we can provide.

The group attend a number of exhibitions and we can’t talk to everyone but a video talks to those that we don’t have chance to.

A corporate video adds something interactive on the stand which can help to attract delegates to find out more about the group. Making sure that you stand out from the crowd at an exhibition is key due to the volume of exhibitors – a video can make the difference between someone walking by and someone intrigued to find out more.

Social media is increasingly playing a larger role in the business’s marketing with a need to post regular engaging content and video is a great way of doing this.

The video is a great way for WEN members to show schools they are talking to or working with to explain what the group is. Members can use this as part of their marketing and distribute via email, social media and their website helping to raise the profile of the group as well as their own business.

“At first sight the prospect of making a video for the 37 companies that make up WEN seemed daunting – how could I possibly film them all in the 3 days I had allocated in my filming budget? The members of WEN came to the rescue and invited me in to their premises without any problems. They even set up 2 schools with children and adults authorised to film, sent me graphic material and photographs to drop into the edit and in one case even did my filming for me! They were very accommodating and easy to work with.” – Mick Foley, Director, One Minute Wonders

“I fully endorse One Minute Wonders, who worked tirelessly to put together this fantastic promotional video for the WEN group. Mick provided an extremely professional service, visited all the members individually, composed both the story board and design of the movie, and edited it in record time, with no compromise on quality or service. Excellent work, I would definitely use One Minute Wonders again, and would happily recommend them.” – Keith Walton, Chairman, Worcestershire Education Network

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